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Medication Errors Archives

Man with catastrophic injuries can sue hospital for negligence

When a hospital in Michigan or elsewhere is given notice that a drug it uses in operations is contaminated, it must take action to remove the drug from its shelves and to assure that no patients suffer personal injury from the dangerous substance. If the hospital fails to do that, it may be found liable for damages suffered by a patient who is negligently administered the medication. If the patient sustains catastrophic injuries or dies as a result, the hospital may be liable for the losses associated with those injuries or his or her death.

Woman's wisdom teeth extractions result in catastrophic injuries

When a dental patient goes into a coma during the extraction of wisdom teeth a problem with the anesthesia may be the cause. Whether it happens here in Michigan or somewhere else, the suffering of such catastrophic injuries during a routine medical procedure can devastate the patient's family. Not only are they grief-stricken and in shock, but their sense of justice may demand answers.

Jury awards $9.3 million in medical malpractice suit to woman

Sometimes medication error can be the basis for a medical malpractice suit. The reported case is not filed in Michigan but the rules of medical negligence are virtually the same, making the case of interest in this state. In the reported medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital, the 72-year-old female claimant asserted that she would have life-long injuries after a drug overdose at the defendant hospital.

CDC issues warning about designer drug, wrongful death possible

The medical world is one that is constantly evolving, and new drugs are continually appearing on the prescription market. In many cases, these drugs are in their earlier forms, and the potential side-effects are not always completely known. Some patients could have adverse reactions to new drugs, or a medication error could lead to the mixing of medications that lead to a person becoming severely ill or killed. As drugs move through the population, the risk of them not being handled properly increases, and a claim for wrongful death due to certain drugs could arise.

Medication error causes catastrophic tragedy for 8-year-old girl

Major medical catastrophes can occur when the wrong medication is given to the wrong patient under the wrong circumstances. A tragic catastrophe regarding a medication error left an 8-year-old girl permanently brain-damaged and totally disabled. A court recently ordered a major university to pay $15 million to the parents of that girl for medical malpractice in recommending a dangerous medication under the circumstances. The case did not occur in Michigan but the same principles are generally applicable here, and the case is instructive in showing the nature of malpractice that can occur.

After fatal overdose, VA faces medical malpractice suit

Many medical malpractice cases in Michigan are very complicated. This is because, in general, medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, medical professional or medical institution is negligent or fails to meet standards of care, resulting in injuries or death. In some cases, of course, a doctor does everything right but the patient's outcome is not good--so it can be difficult in some cases to determine whether the medical professional provided competent and appropriate care or not.

Michigan's immunity law may not protect company in meningitis cases

We recently discussed on this blog the news of the meningitis outbreak that affected a number of patients in Michigan, as well as throughout the U.S. The post discussed the possibility of patients being able to sue the steroid manufacturers for their medication errors. But as of now, Michigan does not allow victims of faulty drugs to sue the drug manufacturer. It is the only state in the nation that prohibits such lawsuits.

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