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Surgical Mistakes Archives

Reducing the risk of complications from plastic surgery

We are fortunate to live in a world where medical advances have made possible countless procedures that once seemed far out of reach. Plastic surgery is one example. Patients now have access to minimally invasive procedures for face lifts, tummy tucks, brow lifts and breast augmentation, to name a few. Most can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Jury awards $14.4 million for catastrophic injuries from surgery

Doctors in Michigan and elsewhere must obtain a full medical history of the patient prior to engaging in surgery that could be problematic without all of the necessary information. For example, it is necessary to know what medications that the patient is taking prior to going ahead with invasive surgery. The wrong anesthesia, for example, could be life-threatening and result in catastrophic injuries or death if it will conflict with another drug that the patient is taking. In one case, a woman in a neighboring state was awarded more than $14 million by a federal jury after a trial against two doctors who allegedly caused her catastrophic injuries, including severe brain damage. It was alleged that the two doctors were negligent in performing the patient's bariatric surgery, and the substandard treatment resulted in the permanent and devastating injuries. Specifically, they were accused of giving the patient an anti-coagulation medication despite the fact that the patient was already taking a blood thinner. This created extensive bleeding during the gastric bypass surgery and led to loss of blood flow to the brain. The plaintiff's lawyer said the money will be used to take care of the client on a daily basis for the rest of her life. She reportedly cannot walk, is wheelchair bound and has cognitive losses from the brain damage. An analysis of the foregoing facts appears to reveal a simple case of negligence that caused the complained of personal injuries. Thus, if the physicians had done a full work-up, or had read the actual medical records of the patient, they would have learned that she took a blood thinner for another condition. This would have revealed the need to be extremely careful before giving her an anti-coagulation medication which, along with the blood thinner, would create a danger of catastrophic injuries, such as too much bleeding and a stroke or other brain damage. These basic rules of negligence would apply equally as well in Michigan.

Jury awards $17.8 million to 7-year-old for surgical mistake

When an innocent patient suffers catastrophic injuries due to the carelessness of the medical providers, a monetary recovery generally provides little immediate comfort to the victim or the family. Those affected by the major catastrophes that occur due to surgical mistake would rather have their health or a decedent's life back. With that being impossible, a medical negligence lawsuit in Michigan and other states nonetheless provides the potential to obtain enough funds to see to the person's medical needs for the rest of his or her life.

Medical negligence suit alleges surgeon forgot to remove items

The surgical mistake of leaving instruments or devices inside the patient after a surgical procedure is finished is a problem that continues to plague surgical teams, both in Michigan and throughout the nation. Patients injured from this type of medical negligence do not have to go far to prove the malpractice aspect, and their main challenge in many instances may be to prove damages adequately. Technological advances will hopefully someday make this problem nonexistent, but a foolproof method has not yet come up.

3 doctors sued for medical negligence in Joan Rivers' death

After months of preliminary jockeying and investigations regarding the death of comedian Joan Rivers, the deceased celebrity's daughter has filed a wrongful death action in a state court against the clinic and the three doctors who participated in the procedures that led to her death. The case involves charges of medical malpractice that would also be recognized under Michigan law. The complaint contains some shocking revelations about the claimed medical negligence and bizarre actions of the doctors who are now the defendants in the lawsuit.

Surgeon faces 2 unrelated personal injury suits simultaneously

In Michigan and elsewhere, it's not common to see a doctor defending two or more unrelated malpractice lawsuits at the same time. That phenomenon happens mostly where a doctor is caught in a pattern of intentional or grossly reckless behavior affecting numerous patients, and leading to multiple lawsuits by multiple patients. A typical personal injury claim against a respected practicing physician, however, is usually an isolated event involving an allegation of anomalous carelessness.

Surgeon sued for failed appendectomy and personal injury damages

The failure to diagnose and/or the misdiagnosis of a patient's medical condition is known to be a substantial area of malpractice claims. Another important source of medical negligence in Michigan and elsewhere is in the area of surgical negligence and surgical error. Surgical carelessness causes substantial numbers of claims for serious personal injury and wrongful death damages each year.

Personal injury damages claimed in penile implantation case

In Michigan and elsewhere, there are several medical treatments and medications that are used to treat the male problem of erectile dysfunction. In some instances, surgery is used to implant a kind of pump apparatus that usually guarantees proper functioning for sexual relations. However, there are cases where the pump is implanted improperly or where post-op care is careless, resulting in unnecessary personal injury to the patient.

Removing healthy kidney is compensable personal injury

A patient is helplessly under the surgeon's control during a surgical procedure. Nevertheless, in Michigan and elsewhere, most people do not ask for a second opinion when surgery is recommended to remove or repair a suspected internal pathology. Therefore, patients are sometimes exposed to preventable personal injury or even wrongful death when the surgeon recommends unnecessary surgery or commits a major mistake during the procedure.

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